Finally I have finished my information. Now I  have made my decision I am going to do a map, my collage and my newsletter. We have another week left until we present our project. I don’t have lots of time! I am going really well. I hope I can finish it by next week. I can’t wait until I present my project. I am going to start writing my information in sentences and printing them out. I will still keep you in touch.

Bye 😮


My volcano project is going great. I enjoy learning new things that I never new before. I had to write 5 questions. These are my  questions.

*What causes a volcano to erupt?

*Do we get warned if a volcano is going to erupt?

*What’s some of the after affects after a volcano has erupted?

*Where around the world a volcanoes usually found?

*Why are there both dormant and active volcanoes?

I was thinking of doing a map, maybe a movie, also I might do a comic strip. I am not sure. I have so much to do. I will keep you in touch about my inquiry topic VOLCANOES.

Bye 😮





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