Maths and Literacy

We have been working on angles and 3d shapes in Maths. There is this game called Alien Angles and it helps you with our angles. In my class we had our laptops and we were playing the game. As part of our school’s literacy the whole school has to write a recount about anything that has happened in the past. I wrote about camp.

Deakin Students

I have learnt a lot about space. We used play dough to work out how big and how small planets are. I only have one session left and that session is going to be about electricity.


I love my class’s New York dance. It is finally finished. I also got a part in our acting performance in our school concert. I already know my line off by heart. I can’t wait until I learn my next dance.

Bye 😮


Grandparents Day!

On the 31st of July we had Grandparents Day. My grandparents and sister came and we had so much fun. I showed my work to them and they loved my handwriting. I showed them my blog and we also did some activities. We also did a word search. It was grandpa and myself vs. my grandma and sister. We raced eachother. One of the other activities that we did was a bucket list. A bucket list are things that you say that you are going to do during your life. Some of the things that my grandparents wrote are never going to come true. We had a special mass after but my grandparents didn’t come to the mass. Overall, it was a good grandparents day!


Bye 😮

Term 3

I am looking forward to our Inquiry topic because it sounds really interesting. Our topic is called ‘What On Earth’ . We are going to be taught our Inquiry topic differently I wonder if it’s going to work out.  Also I am looking forward to practicing for our concert. Our songs are called On the road again, New York New York by Frank Sinatra and also mixed in with New York Alicia Keys. It’s going to be so fun.

We have different learning goals each term and I hope I can achieve them this term. This term Deakin Students come to our school and teachers the 3-6s about science. I am in a group with Mia, Kinulie, Jorell, Benedict and myself. We have the Deakin students for 4 weeks. We have only had 1 session but it was great. The teachers for our group taught us things about space. It was very interesting.

I wonder what is going to happen next…

Bye 😮









Port Fairy

Port Fairy was so beautiful. I had a great time. It was so quiet in Port Fairy. As I said I was going to put photos and put them on my blog Here are some photos. 


  This is a white kangaroo. They are really rare.   This is a photo from our house that we were staying in.

 IMG_2617DSCN4311DSCN4070IMG_2617This is a water fall. It was so pretty!

In our house there was a games room. There was foosball, table tennis and 8 ball pool. We went to Port Fairy with my god parents, we had a fabulous time. 

How are your holidays?

Bye 😮

What’s up

Hi. How have your holidays been? I bet they have been great. On Friday I did a dance performance. I danced a solo. The song was ‘Stay’ by Rihanna. The older students in my dance school get to go to America. (So unfair). They get to go to America to dance in a parade at Disney Land.  At the performance that I danced in, the girls that are going to America danced for 20 minutes. That is so long! 

I also went to the Australian ballet. It was so cool. The performance was not just about the dancing it had a bit of acting and it was funny too. 


Photo on 2015-06-28 at 18.17This is a photo of Cinderella. 

By the way I will be taking pictures at Port Fairy and putting them into my posts.

Have a great time on the rest of the holidays.

Bye 😮


Holidays Are Here!

Hello. I can’t believe holidays are nearly here. Last week at school it is all about finishing work and cleaning up the classroom. The best thing is happening after the holidays! It is my CAMP! I can’t wait. Before camp I am going for a little holiday to Port Fairy. I hope you all have a great holiday.  For those who are going to camp what are you looking forward to the most? For everyone else, what are you doing on the holidays? You may tell me in your comment.
Bye 😮


Learning Goal!

Last week my goal was to not make my homework rushed at the last minute. I think I went good. This week my goal is to put my hand up in class a bit more. So far it is going really well.

I wonder what next weeks goal is going to be???

Bye 😮