The Weird Sounds Poem By Katrina and Emilie

I wrote this poem with my friend Emilie you should check out her blog. Here is the link to Emilie’s blog.

This is our Onomatopoeia poem.

Woosh woosh a gust of wind flew right past me,

Creak creak someone walked in,

Crash crash something broke,

Whisper whisper I heard a sound,

Drip drip the tap turned on,

Screech screech someone’s runner skidded,

Flick flick the lights started flickering,

Clitter clatter my brother walked in my room,

Sorry sorryĀ I fell down the stairs.

Hopefully you like our poem!

Bye šŸ˜®


A Place to Call Home…

Our Inquiry topic this term is called A Place to Call Home. This unit is about refugees and asylum seekers. I am really excited about this topic because I don’t really know any thing about refugees and asylum seekers. Viviana and Theresa’s mumĀ came to Australia as refugees. We asked her some questions and she answered them and the answers were so interesting.

These are 5 questions that I want to find out:

*What is the difference between refugees and asylum seekers?

*How do the refugeesĀ cope with all the coldnessĀ on the sea?

*Do asylum seekers get put in detention centers?

*Why are there detention centers?

*What happens when refugees run out of water and food?

I can’t wait until I get further with his topic.

Bye šŸ˜®