Footy day!

On the 18th of September we had ‘Footy Day’ at our school. We were allowed to wear our footy team colours. I wore the North Melbourne colours. Blue imgres and white. At the start of the day the whole school went into our hall and we played the theme song of every team.

Then after that the grade 5 and 6’s got to host activities for the preps to grade 4’s. I did cone footy with my friends Emilie and Mia. This is how cone footy works. You have a partner, a cone and a footy. You put the cone on the ground and the footy on the cone. One of the partners is behind the cone and the footy. They kick the footy to the other partner and they mark it. So then they turn around and go for goal. Then they swap over. ‘Footy Day’ was awesome!

images    My footy team colours.

Bye 😮

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