Book Week!

On the 24th of August my school had book week. I was dressed up as “Angeline” from Dear Dumb Diary. It was a great day. We had a parade, activities and re-telling a story/play.                                                                                         The Parade:                                                                                                                                                                      It is a great way to show everyone what you are wearing. The whole school had to say what they were dressed up as and what book it was from.                                                                                                                                             Activities:                                                                                                                                                                          The grade 5/6’s were hosting the activities. We had to go to the room that we were allocated to and we had to make an activity for the little kids to have fun with.                                                                                                          Re-telling a story/play:                                                                                                                                                             The grade 5/6’s had to get into groups and re-tell a story and also act. I did the story “Little Cat and the Big Red Bus”. We re-told our story to the school.

Book week was amazing.

Bye 😮






 We are doing our inquiry differently this term. Each teacher will be focusing on one topic. We went to go and check out each teachers topic and then we chose what we wanted to do. There was Space, Animal Adaptation, Food Chain and Natural disasters. I chose natural disasters. Since there weren’t enough in Food Chain The 5/6 teachers will be both teaching natural disasters. So far it has been great. I either want to work on tsunamis or volcanoes. I can’t choose.



Bye 😮







Maths and Literacy

We have been working on angles and 3d shapes in Maths. There is this game called Alien Angles and it helps you with our angles. In my class we had our laptops and we were playing the game. As part of our school’s literacy the whole school has to write a recount about anything that has happened in the past. I wrote about camp.

Deakin Students

I have learnt a lot about space. We used play dough to work out how big and how small planets are. I only have one session left and that session is going to be about electricity.


I love my class’s New York dance. It is finally finished. I also got a part in our acting performance in our school concert. I already know my line off by heart. I can’t wait until I learn my next dance.

Bye 😮


Grandparents Day!

On the 31st of July we had Grandparents Day. My grandparents and sister came and we had so much fun. I showed my work to them and they loved my handwriting. I showed them my blog and we also did some activities. We also did a word search. It was grandpa and myself vs. my grandma and sister. We raced eachother. One of the other activities that we did was a bucket list. A bucket list are things that you say that you are going to do during your life. Some of the things that my grandparents wrote are never going to come true. We had a special mass after but my grandparents didn’t come to the mass. Overall, it was a good grandparents day!


Bye 😮