Lest We Forget


It is very important that we remember who fought for us.

There was a 16 year old boy who survived the war and lived until 2001.

I read the book “The Last Anzac” and it told me about a 16 year old boy. I feel very sorry for the people who died in the war. We should always do the one minute of silence so we can remember the Anzacs, who put their lives at risk. It would have been very terrifying for me if I was at war. I would have been very sad if someone from my family went to war and never came back. It is really great that we remember the soldiers and the people that helped the soldiers.

How would you feel if a family member died at war?

Bye 😮

What I like to do!

I enjoy playing soccer because it is really fun. I have to go to soccer training 3 days a week and play a match on Sunday.  I dance ballet, jazz and contemporary which I like. I like contemporary the best because it is a mixture of ballet and jazz. I feel that I need to practice more of my ballet because I have got an exam that is coming up. I also do some drawings which is fun when I am bored. I enjoy playing other sports for fun.  

Do you have an interest in sport?

If you want to tell me in your comment what you like to do, you may.

Bye 😮


What I did on the holidays?

I did so many things on my holidays. My favourite thing was when I had my Greek celebrations for Easter.  I made sweets and dyed red eggs.

I thought:

It was really fun, I love Easter time. What did you do for Easter?

I also had an Easter egg hunt with my cousins. There were two big chocolates and I found them both.

I thought:

It was good to spend time grabbing chocolates with my cousins. Did you do an Easter egg hunt?


I also went to the movies, I saw the movie Cinderella. It was such a great movie. If you haven’t watched it, you really need to watch it.

I thought:

 It had a lot of crying and Cinderella’s dress was really pretty, which she was wearing at the end of the movie. If you watched, this movie did you like it?

If you want to answer the questions in comments you can.

Bye 😮

Term 2 is almost here!!!

At my school term 2 is one of the longest terms of the year. Term 2 this year has eleven weeks. We are going to do all sorts of different things this term.  Every term we pick a different topic for our Inquiry. When we go back to school we are going to see all of our friends, learn new things and also have fun. So far my holidays feel like they have gone too quick. I think term 2 will go quick if we work hard. It will feel like holidays will be coming soon. 

Bye 😮




I do lots of celebrations during my Easter. I go to church and walk around the block on Good Friday with the epitaph. The epitaph has got flowers all over it.  On Saturday I go to church to have communion and that night we light up a candle a 12:00am, because Jesus is rising. Then we go to my grandmas house and we crack red eggs. We also eat lots of sweets. The whole family cracks red eggs and we crack them with each other. We crack the red eggs and the person with the egg that is not cracked wins. On Sunday we have a big feast.

Feel free to comment what one of your celebrations you do at your easter.

Bye 😮