Stop Bullying



This photo is of a stop sign. This stop sign means to stop bullying. The whole school had to wear their house colour top and we made a sign. We had national anti bullying day on Friday. It is to stop all the violence. I hope you like the photo.

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Interschool sports

The 5/6’s have been doing interschool sports. There are four sports:

*Volley stars 


*Kick ball  and….


I play volleys stars. It is a really fun sport. My team has won, lost and tied. All of our teams have team captains. For volley stars Jasmine W is our captain. We get to play against other schools. Sometimes we play at our school and sometimes we play at other schools. I enjoy doing interschool sports.

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Some Art!

Some of the art that my class have been doing are:

*The name art

*The emu art

*The cow art

The name art was when we had our name on a piece of paper and we put patterns onto them. They looked so cool after they were finished.

The emu art was when we had to look at Wendy Binks art, that are pictures of emus. We had to draw some emus and colour them in.

The cow art we have only started. We drew a cow and put Australian decorations on them.

I enjoy art so much. You can see some of the art in the 5/6 corridor.

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The School With No Rules

There is a school with no rules. I would love to go to a school with no rules. You can do what ever you want. If you want to see the video here is the link.

What do you think about this school? Any comments? 

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About Me

Hello. I am Katrina. I am 10 years old. I play soccer and I also dance. I like dancing a little bit more than soccer. I do dancing for five hours a week and soccer for two hours. I am in grade five. I enjoy school because I see my friends at school. My friends are really tall. I am really small. I love to try different things. I do not like to try new foods. If it looks nice I will eat it.  I love my family very much. My dad Jim loves all sports. My mum Dim loves to cook. My sister  Anthia likes her phone, but I like spending time with her and my brother Kosta loves his playstation and he always picks on me, which I hate.  And that is all about me.

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